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(Русский) Pressure Fluctuations in the Gasostatic Bearing Supply System on Supercritical Operation Mode


(Русский) This study discusses the oscillatory mode occurring in the gap between the stator and the rotor in gas- static bearing during the outflow of under expanded gas jets out of the supply system, which interacts with the surface of the rotor.

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    (Русский) Method of sliding bearings static characteristics calculation

    (Русский) The direct problem of researching the load capacity of segment gas-static bearing is being discussed. In calculation the movement of the shaft in the bearing is considered slow comparing than the rotational velocity.

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    (Русский) Segmented Hybrid Gasostatic Bearing Optimization

    (Русский) The purpose of research-development of methods of numerical optimization rotatable support pads gasostatic hybrid bearing. In the world‘s aerospace engineering the gas-dynamic bearings are currently most common.

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    (Русский) Non-stationary Operation Regimes of the Gas Bearings

    (Русский) This review provides of basic information on non-stationary operation regimes of the gas bearings. The causes and mechanisms of maintaining the oscillation of the rotor’s gas suspensions are discussed. A brief review of linear, nonlinear and resonant vibrational effect is given.

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